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# Tuesday, November 9, 2004

With version 2.2, NUnit now has the option to decorate test methods with two new attributes--Category and Explicit.  They both have the potential to be used in similar ways, though Explicit is like a more refined version of Category.  Personally, I like to write a lot of performance tests inline with my functional testing, so I'm glad I can exclude those (since they're usually long-running and not necessary for regression testing).  I think for now I'll use Explicit on those, since usually I only want to run one perf test at a time.  But I'm sure Category will come in handy for other things, particularly when you have lots of tests and wanted, e.g., to only run happy day scenario tests or something like that.

Anyways, it's nice that they've continued development of this great product even in the face of VSTS.  I suppose there'll still be a big market for a freeware alternative to that new system.

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