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# Saturday, April 8, 2006

One of the great Florida.NET guys, David Silverlight, has put together a pretty nifty community site called Community Credit.  The tag line is "we give stupid prizes to smart people."  The basic gist of the site is that you can enter your community activities and, depending on what they are, get a certain number of credits/points.  Every month, the top N community folks get awarded with stupid prizes.  So if you're doing dev community work, go sign up and start recording your points.  Not only will it help you track what you're doing, it will also let others know what you're up to and, hey, you might just win something.

Oh and, yeah, I know, it's been around for a few months; I've just been too lazy to blog about it until now.  So sue me! :)

Edit: I forgot to mention, you should also sign up for the newsletter.  David's got a pretty good sense of humor, and I think you'll enjoy it.

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