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# Thursday, June 30, 2005

Unless you work on the WSE team, I doubt it, at least not at the time of writing.  I assume this because there is basically only one article on the subject written by Mark Fussell, the Lead PM for WSE, that is an intro to it.  Fine, it is a CTP and only works with a beta of another product (.NET 2), so I can understand that it's not widely adopted.  But I still need answers, as I'm sure others do and will.  So, if you have experience with WSE 3 (and perhaps knowledge of WSE 2 would help), please take a look at these questions:

1) UltimateReceiver.GetClientToken Returns Null

2) Secure Conversation from an ASP.NET Session

If you've got the answers, please either respond on the NG or here. :)

Thursday, June 30, 2005 5:13:40 PM (Eastern Daylight Time, UTC-04:00)  #    Disclaimer  |  Comments [6]  | 
Friday, July 1, 2005 4:53:18 PM (Eastern Daylight Time, UTC-04:00)
HOLs - http://msdn.microsoft.com/webservices/building/wse/default.aspx
Friday, July 1, 2005 5:28:36 PM (Eastern Daylight Time, UTC-04:00)
So, if you had read the NG posts, you'd see I've already gone through the HOLs... :)
Saturday, July 2, 2005 4:49:14 AM (Eastern Daylight Time, UTC-04:00)
Maybe you wanna look for Softwaremaker
Tuesday, July 19, 2005 2:13:37 PM (Eastern Daylight Time, UTC-04:00)
Did you ever get anywhere on this ? I have a similar need ont he project I am working on. Just curious if you had made any progress at all.
Tuesday, July 19, 2005 2:18:19 PM (Eastern Daylight Time, UTC-04:00)
Steve, the short answer is no. I just decided to wait on this stuff to more fully develop.
Wednesday, July 20, 2005 10:28:49 AM (Eastern Daylight Time, UTC-04:00)
Thank you sir.. it does have a bit of an infant feel to it doesn't it :-)

Are you the J Ambrose Little that used to work at BOK ?
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