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# Sunday, July 17, 2005

Well, Tampa Code Camp went off really well yesterday, and after writing my chapter on caching for ASP.NET 2.0 MVP Hacks tonight, I remembered that I needed to get the code and slides up from my Creating Reusable Application Frameworks session from yesterday since some of you were asking for the code we built in that session.  That download is here

By the way, after I thought about it for a minute, I fixed the little bug that wouldn't get us a good index to add the label at.  Instead of using page, I used ctrl.Parent, which should be (and was) the containing control for the target control.  Once I fixed that, it added the label where we wanted it.  The fix is included in the download.

Also, since it came up a couple times yesterday, the SortableCollectionBase download information is here.

I hope everyone had a great time.  See ya around!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005 3:35:56 PM (Eastern Daylight Time, UTC-04:00)

I enjoyed attending your presentation on reusable frameworks via attributes. Thanks for taking the time to share!!

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