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# Thursday, May 17, 2007

On the recommendation of a trusted co-worker who shall remain unnamed, I had installed the March CTP of Orcas on my main box because "it runs great side-by-side with 2005."  And, with the exception of a minor glitch with the db providers, everything seemed to be peachy keen.

Then of course the Beta 1 comes out and, once I finally got around to it, I decided to upgrade.  Having had experience with pre-release VS (et al) in the past, I didn't exactly expect a smooth ride, but I have to say that I wasn't prepared for it completely hosing VS 2005.

Now, it could be any one of the 10 beta/CTP extensions I have installed, or the fact that Add/Remove Programs shows 3 different editions installed.  But the Orcas readme readily admits that there will be a reckoning when you uninstall.

The remedy, they say, is to "just run repair," but I found myself unable even to repair--I'd get halfway through the repair; it'd get to VS, ask for a disc (I'd give it THE SAME ONE I USED TO INSTALL), and then it'd complain that it wasn't a valid vs_setup.msi. 

So I thought maybe it's SP1, so I created a slipstreamed SP1 VS and tried to repair it that way.  No luck there either--same result.

By that point, I was getting a tad nervous that I might be SOL, but then I decided to "go all the way" and do a full uninstall of Team Suite.  Thankfully, it at least let me uninstall, and then it successfully let me reinstall.

After finishing that third dram of Laphroig (THE best scotch!) and practicing my breathing, I was calm again and ready to crank up VS to see if everything was working.  Much to my pleasant surprise, everything seemed to work until, that is, I tried to run my Web application.

It was giving me a very strange System.Web.Compilation.CompilationLock exception on, what was it, some email provider we use on IG.com.  Thanks to Jerry Orman (and, well, Google), I took a wild stab in the dark and re-ran aspnet_regiis -ga mydomain\someuser (you didn't think I'd give away what I'm actually using, did you?).  After another (this wasn't the first thing I tried!) IISRESET, I'm no longer seeing the compilation locks (what's that knocking sound I hear?).

I'm guessing that much like .NET 1.1 SP1, the multiple uninstall/reinstall of .NET 2.0 that occurred thanks to my Orcas adventures caused some setting (likely the one referred to in Jerry's post) to get reset.  Now everything seems to be happy again. 

Oh, I reinstalled SP1 after the last reinstall of VS just to be safe, and of course, because it thinks I have three editions of VS installed, that painfully long install had to happen three times.  But since I was catching up on Andromeda Season 5 (thanks, Netflix!) with Mrs. dotNetTemplar, it wasn't so bad.

So the moral to this story?  No matter what your friends tell you, DO NOT install a beta VS on your main dev box.  It's just not worth the risk.  Ignore the siren.  Use a VM. 

Oh and the other moral is that aspnet_regiis -ga is TOTALLY WICKED!  I can now delete this bookmark and free up that brain space for garbage collection (if only my brain had a GC... ah.. more scotch!).  Yay!

P.S. I'm really not a drunk no matter what it sounds like (or what Joe Healy tells you). :)

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