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# Monday, September 26, 2005

There's some good stuff in the latest edition of MSDN Magazine.  I'm talking about the Memory Models article by Vance Morrison and the new Concurrent Affairs column by Jeffrey Richter.  If you don't have a computer science background, or maybe you do and just need a refresher, these articles will help to get you on track when dealing with some aspects of multithreaded programming.  

Mr. Morrison covers some useful low-lock techniques and offers advice of when to use them.  Mr. Richter covers one way to reduce actual locking and increase performance by not dropping to kernel mode using a spin lock, which Mr. Morrison also mentions.  Both of them do so in the context of .NET, including v2, so even if you're a threading expert, you may pick up some tidbits to be aware of when using .NET v2.

I'm also looking forward to reading Stephen Toub's article on High Availability as it appears to be another good one along the lines of writing high-performing and robust code in .NET.  Kudos to the authors and editors on this edition!

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